Hi I'm Frank Daly and I'm a Business Intelligence Consultant. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland and I like to write and travel. I'm also interested in lots of other things including photography and art as you can see from the other parts of this website. This is my first novel in the crime / spy trilogy featuring murder suspect, Ethan Harris and investigative journalist, Amy Knight.

I have taken many trips to London and Berlin and I know both cites quite well, so I felt comfortable setting the story in these places. Once I had the general ideas for the novel, I planned the locations and travels of the characters and it felt a bit like being a location scout for a film.  I have read many crime and spy novels and I thought I knew how the police operated however I found I needed to do quite a lot of research on police procedures, forensics, criminal psychology, and the organisational structures in the Metropolitan Police Service and  Berlin Police. This research also continued into the activities and history of the intelligence agencies, GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and the German Federal Intelligence agency (BND)

As this novel also deals with TOR anonymous network and browser and some activities on the dark web, I had to research this also. The journey for this novel has been a voyage of discovery on many fronts and as I have two follow-on novels in the trilogy, planned at a high level. I will be returning to Berlin for a further period and also to Lisbon, which will feature in the later novels. This has been a highly satisfying project and I hope you enjoy the novels as much as I'm enjoying researching and writing them.

I welcome feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions, so please use the contact details below to let me know your thoughts and ideas on this first novel.

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