Lost collection of Andy Warhol computer art recovered

A lost collect of Andy Warhol art from the 1980's stored on Amiga floppy disks has been recovered. It looks pretty basic now but back then it was ground breaking.

Article On Andy Warhol art recovery (from TheVerge.com)

Two  things about technology:

  • It dates very fast (look at the brick mobile phones used in the film Wall Street)
  • Valuable photography and video stored on old media formats soon becomes inaccessible as the technology becomes obsolete

So as more and more art is created in digital formats we may loose access to a lot of it in the future. The art in the caves of Altamira lasted 14000 years, and yet we are loosing digital art only 30 years old (but looking at Andy Warhol's digital efforts, perhaps it might have been better if it had remained locked in obsolete floppy disks!!)