Matisse Cut Outs

The Tate Modern has a new exhibition showing the Matisse Cut Outs made towards the end of his life. I'm a huge fan of all types of 19th and 20th century art, and although these works did not initially inspire me, watching the documentary videos below about his life and work, they began to grow on me. Perhaps I will never have the appreciation extolled by the Tate Modern Director, Sir Nicholas Serota, however they are graphically strong and there is no doubt that they had an influence on the Pop Art movement which followed about 10 years later. I guess when I visit the exhibition and see the scale and graphic colour of the works I'll really know their impact. 

2-minute Whistle-Stop Tour of the Exhibition:

A more detailed 30-minute BBC documentary in 2 parts:

Part 1:

Part 2: