Settling In

03-06-2016 to 06-06-2106

This is primarily a writing trip however so far I’ve just been thinking about what to write and jotting down ideas as I enjoy touring the city. I need to have  the plots worked out and the events and characters defined before I start to write in detail. If I write 1000 to 2000 words per day  I should get the first draft of the 350 page novel finished during the trip..

I visited the the Modern Art Museum and gardens in the Glubenkian Foundation in Sao Sebastio, today.  Mostly 20th century modern art from Portuguese artists - and I also found similar work in the Chiado Museum a few days ago. I’m really enjoying taking street and architecture photographs here. The architecture is beautiful but crumbling in places, but there is a certain beauty in that deterioration. 

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