Art and Architecture


This morning I'm listened to the laid back sounds of Miles Davis - A Kind of Blue, as I was reading: - I've so much to read before I write. Yesterday I went up to Campo Pequeno  - the bullring. Not that I have any interest in bull fighting, but the building is an outstanding example of moorish architecture and I wanted to photograph it and also some of the delightful old buildings, now in their declining years with neglect and ravages of time showing. Many building in Lisbon are like that.
Later back at the apartment, music was playing down the street as the locals got in the mood for the forthcoming feast of st. Anthony, which is next Monday 13th. For the next few days and particularly on Sunday there will be evening revelling, drinking, dancing, music and food in the streets and very late nights. The bunting is up, the stalls are ready for late night food and the musicians are tuning up in readiness. Let the party begin.
I was at the National Museum of Ancient Art this afternoon. It was about a twenty five minute walk from the apartment. It's  was such a pleasant city to walk in (once you stay in the shadows and avoid the direct sun). The gallery had works from 14th to 18th century and the ones I liked most were by Ribera. Afterwards I went to two private galleries close by, both featuring works which have a strong graphic design influence and one of them featured Samina a well known Portuguese street artist (a lot of his works are portraits in shades of grey).