Basilica Estrela


I read the novella Gaslight by Mark Dawson in one sitting this morning. It was a lovely relaxed Saturday morning, and it was cooler:  20c - very pleasant. After breakfast I sat in the window seat and occasionally looked out on the street activity below as I read the story - It was 65 pages and took about an hour and a half to read. Mark Dawson is an author who has gone from 0 to 1 million pound sales in two or three years mainly using Facebook ads for his marketing, and of course, also writing  some interesting books. He gives the novella away for free to encourage people to join his mailing list - then sells them his other books - a good strategy which I’d like to follow (to see if I can get a few more sales of my first novel). So, having read his novella, and many other Kindle Singles (which are novellas) I kind of know the story format. I'm thinking about writing a novella in parallel with writing the full novel.
Later I walked over to see and photograph the Basilica Estrela which a beautiful church about 30 minutes walk from the apartment. It was well worth the walk and has a stunning roof inside. Then afterwards I took the famous No 28 tram which stops outside the Basilica on a ride across the city through all the central districts from Estrela, through Madragoa, Bairro Alto, Chaido, Baixa, Alfama and ending in Garca. It’s like being on a roller coaster through the city. The little tram whizzes down the steep hills and up other ones and sharp turns occasionally. Exhilarating. I’ll bet the driver loves his job. Then it was a walk back through the city, capturing street life as I went.