The first week


It's the 7th of June and I've been here in Lisbon for a week. I went to visit the Colorida gallery to deliver a catalog for Gerry McGourty (an artist friend of mine) and to see gallery It was on the way up to Castelo St George which is a very steep walk up to the highest hill in Lisbon where the castle sits with a vista over the whole of the city and the river Tagus and beyond; a fantastic set of views which I photographed along with the hordes of other tourists spread across the plateau of the hill where the castle dominates. 

On Sunday, two days ago, I went to Parque de Nacoes - the Place of Nations, which has some interesting modern  architecture. It was originally the site for the 1998 World Exposition.

I have been doing a little digital drawing on the iPad using the Apple Pencil and  Procreate and SketchBook Pro apps, basing the images on photographs I've taken.

I've put together some mind maps of the story plots and I've written the initial character backgrounds, to help when I start to write in detail.