Walking tour of the city


Today I went on a 4 hour walking tour of the city run by "Lisbon Chill Out Free Tours". Of course they are not really free, rather you donate what you think it was worth. Rafa was our tour leader and there were about 25 people on the tour and he did an excellent job detailing Lisbon's history and bringing us across a number of districts including Barrio Alto, Chiada, Baixia, Alfada and up to the edge of Graca. He talked about politics, history, the Portuguese mentality, the dictatorship, and the bloodless "carnation revolution" - soldiers with flowers.

It was 4 hours in 32c so although I had used a sun block factor 50 on my skin, I was beginning to feel the sun exposure by the end of the tour. 

The tour gave me some interesting ideas for part of the story for my book and I need to research the 1974 revolution and dictatorship before it.