Murals of Quinta do Mocho


Quinta do Mocho is a very poor neighbourhood in the Loures district just north of Lisbon airport. It's an area which has been ravaged by crime, drugs and unemployment. However a year or two ago a project was set up and a group of artists were invited to paint a set of stunning murals on the fronts of 6 buildings, and this has now grown to 40 to 50 murals in the estate, transforming it from an anonymous poor neighbourhood into a living community art gallery (the largest open air gallery in Europe). It brings back a sense of pride to the residents and makes it an outside gallery or a par with the East Side Gallery painted on remnants of the Berlin wall. This is an idea which could transform poor neighbourhoods across the world, bringing art and hope and social change where none existed before.

It wasn’t easy to get out to Quinta do Mocho as there is no direct transport from the Lisbon, so I caught the metro to the airport and hired a taxi to drive from there out to the district and  around the area as I photographed the buildings, and then back to the airport. I photographed more than 20 of the impressive murals; 2 are below and click the link to view the gallery.