Books and Art


I’ve finished reading another novella (just under 100 pages): Blackwater Lake: a psychological thriller,  by Maggie James and it was an excellent read. Its about a guy who, after his parents die unexpectedly, has to sort out their house. His mother had a chronic hoarding  problem and as he clears it out he discovers details about a murder. Its short enough to read in two sittings and it's a real page-turner. Recommended and it's also free for the Kindle version.

Now that I’ve seen many of the public museums here in Lisbon, I’ve started to look at the private art galleries and after looking at three or four I managed to get the contemporary art map (at which is a map of Lisbon showing the more than 50 private art galleries. I was amazed there were so many (given Lisbon only has a population of 500,000). So far the best I’ve seen is the Galeria Sao Mamede ( See some of the images from the gallery below.