Lisbon Streets


Sleeping Partners:  man and his dog sleeping outside Chiado Metro station this morning at 9:30 am. My goals today were to take some street photographs, visit some more of the private art galleries and progress my writing. 

I went to 3 galleries in the Chiado district: The first was Alecrim50 which had an exhibition of cut-out paintings (see below) , reminiscent of Matisse. the second was 3m1Arte which had a single installation of four 1970s typewriters with reams of paper with a typed story connecting them (click "link to more images" below) and the third was Galeria Graca Branao which had an exhibition of photographic stills and a stunning 3D futuristic animation film by Miguel Soares. The exhibition wasn’t opening until tomorrow but they let me in while they were still setting up. 
Then I headed back to the apartment and started to do some further work on the novella I’m writing: Ethan and James - a story based on the early lives of two characters in The House Always Wins.