Brexit and the EU

BREXIT: I’m always sorry to hear of a breakup: It’s painful, costly and nobody wins. Unfortunately UK, Ireland and the EU will suffer for a while until the new reality becomes the norm. 

I guess its also a warning sign for the EU - what exactly is the nature of the relationship between EU countries and their future direction: is it only about trading and economics or is there future expectations of closer political ties? 

Is BREXIT just the first crack in a splintering EU?

A lot of questions will be raised on the benefits of independence, loose union or tight union.

Also, the concept of nationalism, independence, and allegiances used to be based on physical country location and although that’s still valid, we now also have to consider virtual alliances by race, religion, multi-national corporations, ideologies and many other groupings.

I think the EU is a valuable loose economic alliance but issues around defence, security, immigration, borders, political decisions, taxation, freedoms and restrictions on movement, working and social entitlements are now up for new discussions and definitely there are vast differences from country to country..

For two thousand years Europe has been changing, grouping together, and splitting apart. and the EU has been just one more iteration in that process.

We could be on the cusp of radical change over the next few years...