Last Day in Florence


Today is my last full day in Florence and I’ve created an album of my best shots (see link below). It’s a city full of stunning art, architecture, and sculpture. Everywhere you look there are medieval buildings, basilicas, museums, domes and arches. 
It’s been very hot here, 37 centigrade today, and I’ve been plagued with mosquito bites, but these are just minor annoyances. It’s vibrant city and a huge tourist location and sometimes it seems like there are more American and Asian tourists than locals - everybody wants a bit of this city. 

I found that getting up very early was the best way to see the art and architecture, when it was cooler and not thronged with tourists. The food was excellent and well priced, the bus system works very well despite the challenges of negotiating narrow twisty streets and sometimes very uneven road surfaces, and it’s also relatively cheap, however on the second week of my trip here I mostly walked as I had  become somewhat familiar with the streets, although I did have Google maps on my phone which is always a tremendous fallback when exploring an unfamiliar city.  Also, I found Google Translate invaluable as a lot of locals have little or no English and unfortunately I have no Italian.

I progressed my novel writing while I was here, read two novellas (Final Hour by Dean Koontz and Partners by John Grisham) and I also did a number digital sketches of the art here using my iPad,  Adobe Sketch and Apple Pencil.

I leave tomorrow morning for a quick trip to Pisa and then fly out from there to Berlin on the third leg of my European Tour.
Addio bella Firenze.