A circle of the city.


I walked in a large circle through the city today, starting from my apartment at the edge of Tiergarten, to the Victory Tower in the centre of Tiergarten park, to the Brandenburg Gate, then down Unter den Linden and on to Fredreichstrasse, passing Checkpoint Charlie, over to the Topographie des Terrors museum, then Potsdam Platz, and back through Tiergarten to the apartment. It was about 7 miles and a very pleasant stroll through the city.

I walked up to the top of the Victory tower (about 300 steps, giving me a panoramic view across Tiergarten park, and  the city beyond. (see photos below)

At the Brandenburg Gate the flags on buildings were flying at half mast as a mark of respect to the 84 people killed and hundreds injured in the the terror attack in Nice yesterday. Also the Franco-German festival due to be held at the Brandenburg Gate gate today, was cancelled in sympathy for the victims.

The Topographie des Terrors is a history museum and library documenting, in pictures, words, maps and videos, the rise and fall of the Nazi party from 1933  to 1945. Incredibly interesting history but chilling to read the rise of evil and it’s dominance over Europe until the Allies victory in 1945. The museum replaced the old building which was the headquarters of the SS and Gestapo which was destroyed in the war. Along the edge of this site are the remnants of the Berlin wall. Berlin is totally steeped in history - of war and peace, oppression and freedom and it wears the wounds of the conflicts as a reminder of the past to the current generation.