Digital Drawing


As I've been travelling over the last few months, I've seen so much art which has inspired me to draw more often. I've really enjoyed using my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Adobe Sketch, basing my drawings from photographs I've taken for the rough outline and then freehand drawing from there. Although the iPad surface does not have the bite that pencil on paper has, once you get used to the surface you can start to apply lines and marks and shading quite similar to pencil and paper. If you zoom into this drawing it does actually look like a pencil drawing. So why not just draw on paper, someone asked me. And my answer is simple: while I'm travelling it is very handy to always have a 10" tablet with me, allowing me do numerous drawings which can be scaled to larger size if required, and I can add a colour wash layer if I like. It doesn't beat pencil and paper but it is a great compliment to it.