Bethanien Art Centre

The Bethanien Art Centre is a community contemporary arts project housed in the incredible former Bethanien hospital designed by Theodor Stein in 1847 in Kreuzberg. It is surrounded by parkland which is inhabited by people living an arty alternative subculture  life in ex-army vans, caravans and tents. Inside it’s once glorious design (see photos) is still visible but it is largely decorated with murals. It’s a vast building and there are many arts projects and arts residencies, and a large community arts display area where there was a photographic exhibition about the disenfranchised in Rio, hosting the Olympics but unable to attend, There are also printing presses and litho prints on the walls, along with a number of murals, and several video installations. 
I wandered through the building, enjoying the contemporary arts exhibits and finally I had lunch in the restaurant - a delicious grilled trout on a bed of roast vegetables and a glass of rhubarb spritzer.