Another Country

I was at a new writers meet-up last night which was held in a quirky little second hand English bookshop called "Another Country", in Kreuzberg. I was the first to arrive and had a chance to browse the books which were spread across tables, chairs, cardboard boxes and loosely categorised on bookshelves. It was more like going into a book collectors home than a bookshop. The meeting was held in darkened, sparsely lit rooms down a rickety stairs. There was an a mix of Europeans and Americans here with a common purpose: to write. This was quite different than the "Shut Up and Write" meetings which I have gone to in last few weeks, which are held in cafe's often with some music and background noise of other customers coming and going. I didn't need my headphones last night as there was perfect quietness save for the clicking keyboards, for 90 minutes. And when it was finished I had written 1600 words (more than my daily target) mainly because I was prepared and knew exactly what I had to write. Later I chatted with Paul, an English teacher living in Berlin with his wife for the last few years. He was writing a series of political essays for a book. So interesting to get other perspectives on writing and on living in Berlin.