Art, virtual bikes and writing

As the 50 or 60 galleries participating in Gallery Weekend were spread across Berlin I made good use of Lidl bikes to find them, however sometimes trying to find an available bike using the Lidl App became an interesting activity itself, a bit like the game PokemonGo. You see your position and that elusive bike nearby on a map and try and find it but it's not always where you think it is (if it's there at all) and sometimes it could just be damaged and unusable - but mostly I got the bike in the end, and although this searching annoyed me initially, I soon started to enjoy the unexpected detours, seeing buildings, alleyways and other locations which I otherwise would not have found.

Anyway, back to the art: I walked down the very long and winding Linienstrasse and Auguststrasse streets with many galleries on them, and on my journeys I came across good, bad and ugly art (mostly good though), sometimes located in unusual spots - like a small gallery located on the second floor of an apartment located at the back of a garden of another apartment block. It was a voyage of discovery, a treasure hunt with the journey sometimes being as interesting as the destination.

As always looking at art motivates me to draw and paint and this weekend has given me some new ideas for paintings this week.

Speaking of ideas, when I was at the writers meet up on Saturday morning, after the 90 minute writing session, I had a great chat with one of the writers, who writes scripts for Spanish TV productions as his day job, and he told me his ideas for a historic Mexican novel set in the 1920s. Just listening to other peoples ideas and how they approach writing projects is encouraging.