Travel Charging

I know this sounds like a advertisement but it's not. For years I've been bringing 5 or 6 chargers with me when I travel for - camera, phone, MacBook, etc and finally I decided to buy an Anker PowerPort 6 for €23 from Amazon Germany and they shipped it in one day to my apartment. However, using the German website was a bit tricky. I had to search on the Amazon Uk website first and then search for the same product on the German site and also I had difficulty adding a German address to my Amazon account. But it was worth it in the end. As you can see  from the photo, one small multi port charger, 60% the size of my iPhone 6 plus, can charge my (1) MacBook, (2 )iPad, (3)iPhone, (4)Sony camera, (5) MIFI (portable network) and (6) bluetooth headphones all at the same time without getting hot, in fact you'd hardly know it's on except for the blue LED. Highly recommended.