Halfway There Milestone

Today I have broken through 40,000 word point in writing my new novel, "The New Frontier". The initial plan for the novel is 80,000 words (320 pages). This is the halfway point in the first draft and while it’s just a psychological boost to reach it, in practice, once the first draft is finished, I will probably write another 20,000 to 30,000 words in subsequent drafts.

The first draft is always garbage, but it gets the story down from start to finish. The real work will be in refining it the subsequent edits. In my first book, “The House Always Wins”, I did five drafts, refining to a point where I felt it was finished. 

This four month trip to Berlin is hugely beneficial to writing, the change of location, the company of artists and writers at meet-ups and the freedom to get up every day and write for as little or as long as I like, is just the environment I need to get it finished. Enjoy the novel snippet below.