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As I'm on an 11-week trip to Lisbon, Florence and Berlin, (31st May to 11 Aug 2016) I've decided to blog as a travel log on my journeys in Europe. I've been keeping a private journal every few days and I've decided now I'm going to blog it. I'll be posting updates on Facebook too but if you want to sign-up with your email address, then you'll get emailed when there's new entries. 

William Eggleston Photographer

This 25-minute documentary on William Eggleston American photographer from the 60's and 70's and later, has a sort of dream-like quality, perhaps because Eggleston is speaking with his slow Southern accent and its delivered in almost slow-motion style as he drifts, almost aimlessly through suburbs photographing seemingly uninteresting subjects. When asked what he was photographing he replied "Life Today".  He comments on his life and his work including the exhibition in MOMA.

In a kind of surreal epilogue at the end of the documentary (25 minutes) it starts again, this time in German...

William Eggleston - Photograph: Jason Kempin/WireImage

William Eggleston - Photograph: Jason Kempin/WireImage