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Hi, I'm Frank Daly and welcome to This site showcases my work in writing, photography, video and art. Some of the photographs are for sale as limited edition prints (see Shop menu link on the menu bar). Also check out my blog which is updated on a regular basis and its focus is on Art and Photography topics.

You are welcome to provide feedback  on any of the images, paintings, and video or on the site design.  All images, video, writing and artwork are Copyright Frank Daly, all rights reserved


A little more about me:

I am self-employed and I split my time between working on Business Intelligence contracts and cultural projects. I work 8  months a year on IT and take 4 months off to do creative things.  I've made a few short documentaries, written a book, ran a photo studio for a while, spent a few months painting and I'm always doing a bit of writing, photography and travel when I can. 

I wrote the first draft of my first novel (a crime / spy thriller set in London and Berlin) in 2015 and it took a while with rewriting and editing until it was published in 2016. It's now available as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback book on Amazon.
Full details are at the front of this website:

When I'm travelling I love photographing street scenes, architecture and landscape, so I always have a camera with me and I always write a travel blog.

I also work as an IT Consultant, click here view my online CV ( 

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