"The House Always Wins" by Frank Daly

Murder and Spying in London and Berlin

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eBook Cover

eBook Cover

“The odds are stacked against Ethan Harris”

Ethan Harris’ life is shattered by a series of apparently unconnected events: a hacking incident at the bank where he works, the theft of his backpack on the underground and the murder of his wife, Rachel.

When DCI Scott investigates the case, he finds that Harris is not as squeaky clean as he initially thought; he has big debts and a gambling habit. When the investigation determines that Rachel was almost certainly killed by a professional hitman, the focus turns to Ethan as the possible procurer of the contract.

Devastated, Ethan searches through Rachel’s belongings for some clues, bringing him into the underworld of GCHQ, MI6 and the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in a chase across London and Berlin to uncover the truth. 


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